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Should you repair or replace your AC Unit? In-depth guide.

When it is time to decide whether to replace or repair your AC, then you face a big decision. Before settling on the solution to repair or replace, you need to have all facts right. So, let’s get into it.

  • How do you decide when it is time to replace your AC?
  • What are the most common replacements done in an AC unit?
  • How much should it cost you to replace your AC?
  • Lastly, why is it essential to replace your AC?

    AC Installation
    Technician is checking air conditioner

I remember when my mom was retiring from her job, she wanted to get things in order before settling down. So, she embarked on a course to repair and replace any unit in the house that may cause her trouble in the future. She redid the house, checked the plumbing network for repairs, had the chimney cleaned and the sewerage system drained. However, she did not even bother to check the condition of the AC. On asking why to overlook it, she told me that she did not need a professional to tell her to replace the system because she was going to do it anyway. At first, I was confused about how sure she was about the AC replacement. It was not until she told me that the system was older than I was, that I realized that she might be right.

On further inquiry, I got to learn more reasons why you might need to an AC replacement service in your home;

why consider AC replacement?

It is essential to replace your AC if you are looking to achieve maximum efficiency around your home. Also, think of all the energy you will save and money when you have a better, more efficient, and reliable AC. Do not settle for less when you can enjoy all your AC has to offer. Call for a replacement service today and stand to enjoy the benefits. So, when is it time to replace your air conditioning units?

When the AC fails to keep up

If you no longer feel the effect of your AC, then maybe it is time you had a new one installed. Mainly, time takes a toll on the performance of any AC unit. It could be due to the wear of the parts, clogging or even malfunctioning of parts. As a result, your AC will have to run full time to try and keep up with temperature regulation. That is when you start to notice higher electricity bills and cramped living spaces. When you get to that point, and no repair works for you, then an AC replacement will do it.

When your energy bills keep rising

When it gets to a point where the bill this month is higher than last month, without any additional appliance in your home, think again. What could be causing the higher bills? Well, one way to explain it is the AC system. Let’s say the furnace in your AC unit is malfunctioning.

Consequently, your AC will keep trying to achieve the set temperatures to no avail. Also, if your ductwork is leaking, you will have to deal with the AC not delivering the required conditions. As a result, it overworks, consuming more energy, hence the higher bills and no added output.

This is a clear indication that you need to an AC replacement service in your home.

If the AC is older than 15 years

Air conditioner installation
Air conditioning master preparing to install new air conditioner. drilling the wall.

Time is an essential factor when it comes to the efficiency of any mechanical system. With time, the parts of the AC tend to wear and tear. As a result, your system overworks, resulting in higher bills and inefficient performance. When it gets to that point, no repairs can fix the problem of time. Therefore, you will need an AC replacement if you are to keep enjoying the comfort of cool living conditions and better indoor air quality.

The cost of replacing it

It is very crucial that before you settle on a repair, you have the budget detailing all the expenses you plan to incur. This means that you will have a total cost of all the materials to buy, the labor and time. If the value of repairing the old AC is higher than the cost of repairing it, why not go for the cheaper and better option. With a new unit, you can be sure that the problem of premature damages is in the past, provided you work with qualified experts.

You must understand the AC replacement process before you engage in one. From the description offered by specialists, the replacement does not necessarily involve total removal of the system. You could replace some parts. Say the furnace is misbehaving, rather than repairing it and risking further problems, you could replace it. The same goes for the motors, filters, refrigerant, heat exchangers, and ductwork.

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