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AC Tune up and Maintenance in three steps

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To fully grasp the concept of air conditioning in my home, I needed to understand the various parts of the air conditioning system. And from my experience with professional HVAC experts, I got to learn a few things. I had troubles keeping my AC at its highest efficiency. That is when I heard of the AC tune-up and maintenance processes. I decided to consult an expert for help and a possible solution. From the interaction, I came to learn of how the ACs operate, how best to maintain them, and their importance. The rest come in later or before, but for now, let’s see how you can keep your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units.

  • Importance of HVAC units
  • When do you maintain your AC?
  • Not cooling enough
  • Failed to start
  • Stopped suddenly by itself
  • If the AC is too old
  • Importance of HVAC units

why choose an HVAC system for your home.

Commercial Air Conditioning Unit Installation
Our team installs a commercial HVAC system for our clients

Air conditioning is important to a home. Without an air condition system in your home life in the house would be very unbearable, especially during the summer or winter. It makes the house feel like home, cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. It is therefore essential to not only own one but also have a functioning one.

AC operates on the basic principle that when matter changes state, it either absorbs or gives heat to the environment. Therefore, as gas changes to liquid, it loses heat to the atmosphere, hence waring the surrounding areas. The converse is also true when a liquid changes state to gaseous form, it absorbs energy from the environment, therefore cooling the ambient temperature. For the air conditioning unit to achieve this, it exploits this physical law, by the use of a gas that can easily convert to liquid and back to gaseous form repeatedly.

When do you need a maintenance service?

Over time the air conditioning system might start malfunctioning. This is a terrible point but also an unavoidable one. These malfunctions might look too complicated for an untrained person to handle, but if you take your time to see what is happening, it might surprise you. Though some need professional help to fix. Imagine it’s a hot summer, the temperature a rising at a high rate and your ac is not working. Here are some signs that you need an AC tune-up and maintenance service:

The system is cooling well enough

Imagine staying in a room supplied by an AC, and still feel uncomfortable due to the heat. Well, this is not only frustrating but also quite annoying. When your AC is on, and the thermostat set to the required temperature, you ought to be comfortable. However, if you notice that you no longer have the luxury of living in a serene environment, then maybe it is time you called in a professional. With professional help, routine maintenance will go a long way to ensure that your system is ok. They will check on the furnace, compressor, evaporator and even the ducts for leakages. Thus, they provide maximum efficiency of your system and better living conditions.

If it does not start

AC Installation
Technician is checking air conditioner

You should first check whether there is power. If there is and it still doesn’t work, try plugging it in another socket and switch on the device. If this still doesn’t work, try to see if there is any damage to the cord. All these are possible solutions when you are doing it by yourself. However, how do you even know about the connection on the switching board on your AC machine? Well, if you find it hard to figure it out, then a professional might help you. With a tune-up, you will be able to get back to your normal life in no time.

If it stopped working on its own

Sometimes this is an automatic response to the external environment. For example, if the room temperature is lower than the set temperature, then a portable air conditioner will automatically shut off. This should not scare you since it can easily be solved by turning off the portable air conditioner and turning it back on when the temperature starts to rise again. However, if you have the central or window fitted AC, if it stops working and needs some check-up, then an expert will help with the AC tune-up and maintenance.

Old Machines

If your AC is more than 15 years, the efficiency drops and the rates of operation increase. However, you do not have to deal with this problem all by yourself. With a maintenance service, you can replace some parts to boost performance. Therefore, you not only increase the lifespan of your AC but also reduce your energy and utility bills.

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