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The Air Duct Cleaning Process

Do you know what happens when you don’t hire duct services? Two months ago, my younger kid, he is called Alvin and three years old, developed some allergy. Alvin had a fever and running nose, I tried to figure out what had caused the allergic reaction but not in vain. I thought to myself that it is a typical flu and it will be over, but that was not the case. I reached my physician, and after the diagnosis, the allergy was caused by the dirt. I could not believe it since I clean my house daily and I don’t own a pet. I clean my house, or what do you mean about the dirt, I asked. “When was the last time you hired a duct cleaner at your home,” he replied with a question. After a long conversation, he recommends a reputable duct cleaner.

Benefits of Duct Services

  • Removing the Odor.
  • Saving you the cost of HVAC repair.
  • Avoiding contaminated air to prevent allergic reactions.
  • Improving the air quality
  • Eliminating rodent and other insects on the duct.

The process of Duct Cleaning Services

Duct air instalaltion
our team removes air duct foam insulation in the attic.

When the duct is not well cleaned the become residents of bacteria, fungus, insects, debris and rodents. Considering all this, to ensure that your family member gets the best air quality and avoid the health hazard, consider hiring duct services. But what does the duct services entail?

Background Inspection

The first steps toward cleaning your HVAC system is the inspection. Here you can get the background information and know-how the air flows. The inspection helps to identify different problems like leaks, growth of mold, the problem with the filter or clogged system. When you hire a qualified technician, they know how to handle every case since they are experienced. For example, if your duct is made from fiberglass material, you should not use biocides for sanitation, but you can use if it’s made from sturdy metal.

Creating a Negative Pressure

The next step involves the using of vacuum cleaner to remove any dust and debris before any mechanical cleaning. The technician advises the use of the HEPA-filtered vacuum to exhaust indoor air. You can also subject the whole system to negative pressure to ensure that you dislodge any remaining dirt and dust from the system.

Clean Ductwork

Using a sealant for air duct cleaning for your home to enhance energy efficiency

Ductwork is another crucial step that involves using specialized tools to clean the duct system. Remember that the duct should not get wet to avoid molds and fungus. Here the technicians use a high powered vacuum, cable-driven brushes bristled brushes and nylon brushes. The brushes to be used depends on the type of material used to make the duct, for fiberglass, and fiberboard should clean with a soft brush. The main goal of this process is to remove anything unnecessary from the duct. In this stage, if the duct needs repair, the technicians will handle the repair. For example, they use the sealants to repair damaged fiberglass.

Cleaning other Components.

When you hire duct services, it means you need your HVAC system to work optimally and reduce power consumption. A qualified technician understands what the job entails; they will clean all the component of your heating and cooling system — the dryer, coil fins, cooling coils, among other components. The technician may also use the sanitizer if necessary to clean the interior of the duct.

Checking the Results.

Of course, there is no experienced technician who will leave the site without knowing whether the project was successful.  Here the technician will ask you to check visually if the cleaning was thorough and start the HVAC system to check if it works to your expectation.  Ensure that you are satisfied with the cleaning before you can make any payment. If you don’t know what to check, you can hire an inspection contractor to help you.

Without fear of doubt, no homeowner should overlook the need for duct services. If you have never checked your duct and hired dust services, you are missing a lot of benefits that come along with the clean HVAC system. Several companies offer quality services at an affordable cost and are willing to help you achieve the benefits. When hiring any company, make sure they are registered, have adequate experience, insured, and all the tools and equipment for the job.

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