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There is the time I feel so disappointed when the kids claim that we have not installed AC system like our neighbor. To my understanding, I used to think that HVAC installation is expensive and not worth the investments. During the cold months, we use to right up firewood, which makes the house smoky because of the smoke. One day I talked to my wife, and we decided that we need to install a heating and cooling system. Before we could settle to the right company to handle the air duct installation, we did due diligence to ensure that we get the real value for our money. We found that the installation is affordable, and there is no reason as to why you should not hire air duct installation services.

Mistakes during the Air Duct Installation.

The air duct installation is a stressful task and only needs an expert to handle them. If you don’t have prior knowledge, you can’t install the air duct on your own. During HVAC installation in my home, the technician outlines some of the challenges that are experienced during the installation, and they include;

  • Inadequate planning
  • Poor placements
  • Forgetting the returns.
  • harp bends and crimping
  • Improper ceiling
  • Poor sealing

Considering all these challenges and the kind of money you will use, it is good to recognize someone who knows how to handle the jobs.

Tools Material Used for Air Duct Installation.

Sheet Material

Sheet material is strong and durable. Most contractors consider using galvanized steel and aluminum since they work well for ductwork. The only challenge that is experienced when using the sheet is that it is hard to insulate and also not easy to fold.


Ductwork can also be performed using plastic material. The best thing with plastic is that it is flexible and foldable. Installation of the plastic air duct is not challenging; thus, its cheaper compared to the sheet material. If you are to go for plastic material, consider using the polyurethane.


Fiberglass is easy to install and comes already insulated. It means that you will not need to insulate after the installation. The material is also easy to cut and seal.

Air Duct Installation Process.

When you hire the right contractor for the air duct installation, the process should take about one to two days at most. It is not the case if you choose to install the ducts yourself since it can take you longer depending on the experience in handling such projects. Some basic steps are followed to ensure success in the project.

Design and Planning

If you ask any contractor with experience, they will tell you that this is the most crucial step that should not be ignored. At this stage, the contractor interprets the design and maps to make installation easy.  The contractor will draw all the paths where the ducts will pass as well as the rooms where they are supposed to end. It’s in the same stage that you will have to check is you have all the materials needed for the installation.

Plenum Installation.

Plenum installation is another important step. The Plenum acts as the brain for the whole operation. Remember that the Plenum is the chamber that collects all the air from the AC unit or the furnace. When it isn’t installed correctly, the system will not function optimally.

Main Tank Line.

The main tank line originates from the plenum and thus the need of installing the plenum before the main tank line. It is more of the extending edge of the whole HVAC System.

Branch Line Installation.

The branch line runs from the main tank line to different rooms and helps to take the fresh air to respective rooms. When installing the branch, ensure that you professionally handle the joints. Ensure that you seal them in the right way to avoid any leaks. The joints vary depending on the material and the size of the ducts.

Return Installation

It is basic knowledge that for proper air circulation, you need vent pipes to remove the air. Installation of the return depends on the nature of the room. An experienced technician knows where the vent can be effective and efficient.

Save yourself many thoughts and hire the best company to handle the project. When you handle it by yourself, there are high chances that you will make different mistakes. Let the expert give you peace of mind.

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