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Ductwork and Attic Sealing in your home.

Last winter, I visited my friend Duncan so that we can share some ideas in life. Duncan was my former school mate and a very close friend of mine. When I got to his home, it happened to be the day that he was receiving their monthly energy bill. To our shock, we saw the bill to be way abnormal as the figures were inflated. Since we were not sure about the bill, he took the initiative and called the customer care inquiring about the bill. The bill was correct and accurate. “What might be the problem,” he exclaimed. After some investigation, we realized that there was an abnormal sound, and it becomes hard to regulate temperature. That’s when I told him that there might be a problem with the air duct. When he called the contractor and the inspection, we were told the bill was because of the leaks at the duct. After the repair and sealing of the tube, the bill was back to normal in the next billing.

Why do you need air duct sealing in your home?

The main aim of the duct sealing is to ensure that there is minimum heat wastage, thus making the room temperature to be consistent. The duct sealing also plays a significant role in reducing the energy bill. There are mainly three ways in which you can perform duct sealing.

dust air sealing
  • Using the HVAC Tape
  • Using the Duct Sealant
  • Using The Aeroseal
  • Using the HVAC Tape

The HVAC tape has been used since the time in memorial, but with time they are being disregarded. The tape is durable and can be used to seal small holes which are not easily visible. The table resembles the ordinary tapes use in the different field only that it is rated to be used on HVAC system. It is cheap, and you can do the duct sealing on your own.

Using the Duct Sealant

The sealant is a paint-like paste which can be applied to duct leaks to repair and avoid the pressure leaking. Anyone can handle the application of the sealant as all you need is to apply the paste on the outer service of the air duct. The sealants come in two formats the water-based and paraffin-based. It is recommended that one should use the water-based since it holds well and very easy to clean.

The Aeroseal

The Aeroseal involves using a mechanical way to seal the duct. This is the commonly used method as it consumes less time compared to the other methods. Here the contractor uses the technology to seal the duct.

How Much Does the Duct Air Sealing Cost?

The cost of duct air sealing varies from one company to another. On average, the cost is $1000+, but the cost is dependent on many factors. Although the price seems high, it is worth noting that duct air sealing helps to reduce energy consumption by about 30%. With a simple language when you spend $100 on HVAC energy bill, you are throwing away $30, so you are supposed to pay $70.  The factors that determine the cost of duct air sealing are;

Your Home Size

The larger the size of your home, the higher the cost of duct sealing and the vice versa is true. When you have a large room, it means that there is a lot of work that needs to be done. If a house has many rooms, the price can’t be the same with a souse with few rooms. The larger the room, the more the number of vents to pump fresh air and thus, the higher the labor needed.

Commercial Air duct sealing
enhance energy efficiency in your home through attic and air ductwork sealing

Job Complexity

There is some duct that needs some minor repair before you can begin the repair. In other homes, the vent is fixed in such a way that you need to cut the wall before you can start the sealing job. The cost of sealing when you encounter such cases can’t be the same with simple and ready to start the duct sealing project. When you need some minor repair to speak it to your contractor before they can begin the job to avoid frustration.

The Method Used in Duct Sealing

The method that is used to seal the duct mainly dictates the cost of the project. For manual sealing like using the tape or sealant, you can pay as little as 0 dollars since you can do it yourself. When you hire a technician, they may choose to use the aerosol method, which is more expensive than the manual.

The Contactor you choose

Not all company charge the same fee for their services. Some companies offer a discount while others don’t. Although the price sometimes dictates the kind of services that you get, it’s good to know that there is a company offering quality services at a friendly cost. When choosing a company, to consider the services offered more than price.


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