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Energy efficiency, you know you want it.
Energy efficiency? You bet.

Reduce energy consumption in your home through efficiency.

I had been receiving quite high bills for my home. It got to a point where I decided to cut down on some expenses. Life was beginning to be uncomfortable for me, despite all my efforts to cater for the bills. I tried spending less time in the shower, switching off lights in the unused rooms, cutting down on the AC but nothing seemed to be working. I had to reconsider my decisions on what to discard. It was painful to think about since every appliance played a vital role in the day to day running of my household. However, after lengthy deliberations, I decided to try and look for more energy-efficient ways to operate my home.

I decided to do some research on energy efficiency. That is when I came across some constructive tips that I think will go a long way to help anyone. From talking to experts to implementing the plan, I now pay fewer bills and enjoy much more comfort from my devices. So what do you need to know?

Crawl Space Cleaning
Crawl Space Cleaning
  • What is energy efficiency
  • How do you achieve efficient energy consumption
  • How to invest in an energy-efficient system
  • The dos and don’ts about energy-efficient systems

What is an energy-efficient system?

From the basic terms, energy efficiency can be described as an art of reducing the amount of energy put into achieving the desired results. This means that you do not have to cut down on your use. Instead, you use better means to produce the same output, hence consuming less energy. For instance, if you use high consumption bulbs, say 80 watts, you could use the fewer energy bulbs of 20 watts. This way, you get the same light but cut down your energy expense by 75%.

How do you achieve energy efficiency?

Despite the rise in automation around homes and offices, the amount of energy used is continuously decreasing. Additionally, with the increase in the cost of electricity, eventually, you will have to look for means to reduce your bills. With the environmental problems resulting from energy inefficiency, you might want to be the positive change the world needs. So, how do you achieve energy efficiency in your home, office, warehouse, or even vehicle?

Invest in energy efficiency

Contrary to the misconception that energy efficiency will result in significant savings, you might want to consider the holistic investment. Replacing a few pieces of equipment in your home may fail to produce the results you hoped. However, that is no reason to give up. As you are going for green energy patterns, approach the solution strategically to avoid futile work. What do we mean by this? Say you pay high electricity bills in your home due to the use of phantom appliances. Your first instinct might be to replace the equipment with more energy-efficient ones. Although this will eventually save you some money, you will have to spend a lot more for the save.

HVAC Duct Cleaning & Installation
A well-laid HVAC ductwork system. Cleaning, installation, and maintenance for energy efficiency

Why not look for a better, well thought of a solution like a smart power strip? A power strip prevents plugged in appliances from draw3ing power when not in use. This way, you can leave your devices plugged in, and you will be sure that your bills are low. Therefore, you eliminate the phantom load and reduce your expenses.

Find the best replacements to invest in

Without a doubt, energy-efficient appliances are worth the investment. Looking at it from an overview point, you might think that the efficient options are no different from their counterparts. Unfortunately, that is where many people go wrong. Consider your energy efficiency plans as an investment that will eventually accumulate value. Also, by making your home energy-efficient, stand to gain more when it is time for a resale.

For instance, according to research conducted in 2018, homes with attic insulation fetched more cash than the average house. When renovated for more energy efficiency, the price shoots up, making your home worth more than the regular households.

You do not need to change your lifestyle

Contrary to popular opinion, when you choose to live an energy-efficient life, you do not need to alter your day to day life. You do not have to dry your clothes for shorter periods, risking mold growth, or taking cold showers or turning down the AC in your car during the winter. From the definition, energy efficiency will maintain the same output for lower energy consumption rates. For instance, when you invest in an energy-efficient furnace rather than a conventional one, you receive the same amount of heat for less fuel and more extended periods.

Do not settle for high utility bills due to fear of a lifestyle change. With the right consultation, you can make your home an energy-efficient one. Invest today in green energy patterns and stand to gain more in the future.

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