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Your family’s comfort largely depends on the type of HVAC system you have.  Since there is no HVAC without a furnace, then I think you will find this article quite helpful. In most cases, when you settle on installing a stove in your home, a lot of thoughts cross your mind:

  • What are the different types of HVAC systems?
  • How do I select the right furnace for my home?
  • What are the installation basics?
  • Do I need to call in a professional, or can I install myself?

After a long thought process, you will need some assistance. Since I have been there before, I think that my experience might help.

Home Furnace Installation
keep your home warm by installing, repairing or maintaining furnaces in your home.

I moved into a new home that had a terrible HVAC unit. It needed a lot of replacements, so I settled on replacing one part at a time since I could not afford a new system. I started with the filters and the furnace since they are the essential components of the HVAC system. I had to learn a lot about the functioning of ACs to understand their operation fully. However, with time, I became conversant with the process of the various parts, hence could choose better products for my home.

From the research, I learned a lot.  These includes:

Types of residential furnaces

Before settling on a specific type for your home, you must understand the different types of heaters. There are two significant types of heating systems: the forced air or the boiler/radiant types. The forced air requires ductworks to force the air into rooms, while the bright type sends steam through ducts to places, where they heat through heat exchange. The radiant system can even heat floors, depending on whether the network of pipes is also on the floor.

Since the radiant system does not require a standard, we will discuss the forced air type of heating system. This has three major types; electric, oil, and gas.

Electric furnace

These are the most ideal as they are not extensively affected by climate change. Also, they have the lowest upfront cost, although the cost of operation remains high due to the high cost of electricity. If you are in a region where the temperatures stay above the freezing point, then the electric one will do fine. Some of the significant benefits of this type is that it is small in size, hence easier installation. Additionally, they do not require special ductwork and are easy to maintain.

Gas furnace

If you live in an area with harsh winters, then the gas furnace is ideal for you. Despite their higher installation cost, they have very minimal monthly offset operation cost. Besides, they are highly efficient as they can heat your home in a brief period. However, this type requires a little extra cost of maintenance in cleaning the ducts, inspecting the central units and replacing the filters.

Oil furnace

Residential furnace installation
effective furnace installation in greater CA county.

Regarding the continually changing oil prices, they are becoming less and less popular. However, they are an excellent choice for people who experience extreme weathers. Besides their additional cost in obtaining an oil tank, you will need more space to store it too. On the contrary, you get to eliminate the cost of maintenance since you only pay for a full tank, that could be annually, semi-annually, or quarter annually.

What is the best furnace for your home?

Before settling on a furnace for your home, make a point to look at your home requirements and the specifications of the stove. Other than the energy source, consider the BTU capacity. Before you proceed to the installation, there are a few factors you might want to think about. What are the climatic conditions in your area, what is the age of your home? What size does your house require? Check for all these before settling on a BTU.

Then, you can check the level of energy efficiency. Before settling on a particular one for installation, make sure you choose the most efficient. Then, you can consider the load calculation for your home and the warranty period offered by the distributor.

What is it going to cost me for quality installation?

It should not cost you a leg to install a furnace in your home. Therefore, when you are choosing the experts or product for installation, make sure it is within your budget.

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