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Heating units in your home are generally trouble-free and easy to maintain. However, this does not mean that you need to neglect them until a problem arises. For a more efficient application of your heating systems. Regular maintenance is key. Not only do you reduce the cost of operation but also extend the lifespan of your system. So, what do I need to do when it comes to furnace maintenance? That is where my recent research comes into play. I was intrigued by the operation, repair, and maintenance of an HVAC system in any space. So, I sought to find out anything I can about it. Concerning the support, it is quite a simple, short, yet essential aspect. Whenever you think about furnace maintenance, as yourself:

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  • What are the preliminary steps to take before proceeding with furnace maintenance?
  • Which safety precautions should I take before starting on maintenance?
  • How do I clean the furnace?
  • Lubricating the furnace motor
  • Replacing the furnace belt

To start, you need to consider the necessary procedures before embarking on any furnace maintenance.

Preliminary steps to take before furnace maintenance

Before you take out your spare parts, ready to dive into the maintenance service, it is essential to ensure you are maintaining an operational unit. To confirm that the furnace is still functional, make sure you:

Make sure the unit is receiving power, then check for blown fuses, tripped breakers at the panel. Then, if the furnace has a reset button, wait for the motor to cool then press the button. Also, if the furnace has a separate power switch, ensure that it is on. Lastly, if the unit uses gas, make sure you turn on the gas supply and light the pilot light.

Safety precautions when doing furnace maintenance

Once you confirm that the system is ok and operational, make sure you follow the following safety procedures before you start operating on the furnace:

First, ensure that the power supply is turned off. You can do so by tripping the main breaker at the entrance panel or removing the fuse that controls the power to the furnace. By so doing, you eliminate the risk of electric shock.

Secondly, if you notice that the furnace keeps tripping or the fuse keeps blowing whenever you turn the furnace on, do not try to repair it. This is because the problem is electrical, and replacing components is only a waste of resources.

When you notice gas leaks in the house, do not try to turn off any bulbs or turning off the gas. You do not want to risk a spark causing a fire in your home. Exit the building, leaving all doors and windows open and alert the fire department of a gas leak.

Finally, if you want your HVAC system to remain in good condition, hire a professional to conduct the furnace maintenance services for you. This way, you do not risk breaking some parts or disconnecting others with no idea of how to repair them.

HVAC system Repair California
Our team successfully completes an air conditioning unit repair job for our client.

How to clean a furnace

A furnace comprises a filter, a blower, and a motor. For maximum performance of the furnace, all these parts must remain clean. Dirt in the furnace results in wastage of fuel, and energy efficiency.  So, how do you take care of your furnace? You can replace the filter at the beginning of the heating season. Make sure that the filter you take out is the same model and size as the one you put back in.

Then, you can clean the blower, and it’s housing, the pulleys, and all its assembly. If you cannot dismantle the blower or motor, use a fine brush to clean any clog on the surfaces.

Lubricating a furnace motor

A motor has moving parts that often use bearings. To avoid too much friction, you will find a bearing used to couple a shaft to a load. Despite some motors being oiled and packaged by the manufacturers, some, especially ones used in pumps have an oil port, which you use to lubricate the engine.

Replacing the furnace belt

Any furnace maintenance procedure would be incomplete if you did not check the motor and pulley belts. Check if the straps on the blower are worn or frayed. If they are, make a point to replace them with a belt specified by the manufacturer of the system.

When it comes to furnace maintenance, it is quite hard to do it yourself. That is why it is crucial to consult with an expert. Do not be deterred from enjoying great indoor temperatures because you are yet to call in your furnace maintenance unit.

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