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How do you improve indoor air quality in your home?

If you live in a house along the road, then you understand the struggle of dealing with dust in your home. Close to a farm with flowers, is also not so ideal as it may sound. Now, imagine living in a home where all the three work together to pollute the air in your home. Well, that is the same condition I had to deal with daily, save for winter when everything settled down. I realized that I might be developing some respiratory problems since I do not own an AC. Also, I had to keep cleaning my home regularly to avoid a dirty look.

With time, I had to look for a better alternative to spare me some time to relax and protect my lungs. That is when I decided to look for air cleaners and filters for better indoor air quality and purifiers. That is when I came across some excellent options that I think will help anyone interested. So, what do you need to know for a quality air & cleaner home?

attic insulation replacement
attic insulation replacement
  • Air cleaners and filters ina home
  • How is indoor air polluted
  • Choosing the best indoor air purifiers
  • Portable indoor air cleaners
  • Furnace and HVAC Systems for air filters

Air Cleaners and Filters in the home

Portable air cleaners and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems reduce indoor pollution. However, they cannot eliminate the pollutants from your indoor space. Additionally, there is a slight difference between air purifiers and HVAC systems. Despite both playing the role of helping you keep the air in your home clean, they vary in application. For instance, the air sanitizer cleans the air in one room or area, while the HVAC system filters the air throughout the home.

Indoor Air Pollution

Air pollutants are harmful to human health. They can cause respiratory diseases and trigger asthma attacks. The contaminants may originate from without or within your home. It could be dust blowing into your home, or smoke from cooking.  Either one, they all result in uncomfortable living conditions. Once in a situation where you need to clean the air in your home, it is wise you choose a long-lasting solution. Opening the windows may fail to cut it. That is why you will need some help ventilating your indoor space and circulating more clean air. How do you achieve this?

According to research, you can implement filtration to control the quality of air in your rooms. It not only supplements source control but also enhances ventilation in your home. To achieve this high-quality indoor air quality, purifiers have to come into play.

How do I choose the best air purifiers?

Before anything else, always keep in mind that when you get one for indoor air quality and purification, you cannot eliminate the pollutants in your home. Also, they will need a regular replacement for more efficiency.

attic clean up
attic clean up

Portable Air cleaners

Whenever you settle on a portable air cleaner for particles, go for the one with a clean air delivery rate more significant than the rest. Ensure that the delivery rate matches the size of your room. A higher decent air delivery rate, usually achieved by the use of high-efficiency particulate air filter, means that your cleaner will remove particles from a larger area. For gas filters, a cleaner with an active carbon filter is suitable for the removal of the gases. With an extensive material of the carbon filter, you get to filter the gases to a finer, cleaner level. Overall, settle for a cleaner with higher fan speed and longer run times to increase the number of air filters in a certain period.

Furnace and HVAC system filters

Notably, these filters are only in use when the systems are running. Although the methods are mainly used to heat and cool rooms, their screens are for picking out particles. By using high-efficiency filters, you need to choose the right one if the system is to work. For instance, if you need to upgrade to a more efficient system, use the ones with the rating as high as your fans and filter slots can carry.

When you choose to invest in indoor air quality and purifiers, it is essential to note a few things:

Air condition does not address the cause of mold and mildew in your home. Although they support better ventilation, the misty environment that causes the growth of fungi in your home should be addressed and not left to the air purification systems.

Secondly, although small, an air purification system in your home will eventually lead to the improvement of your health. This is most especially if your problem was due to air pollution.

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